Welcome to our digital medal platform for sports event participants!

Our platform allows athletes to earn and display unique digital medals based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent their achievements.

Races, trails, triathlon, swimming, cycling, etc. and are interested in raising the status of your events and attracting new participants
The organizer of sports competitions with more than 500 athletes
You are with us if you are:
Take part in sporting events and strive for your best results!
Professional or non-professional athlete
A turnkey service including the design, personification, and Issuing medals

Design your
NFT medal
You can upload your own design, or we can create design for you based on your logo and design preferences

Sign up for trial and get 20 free NFT-medals for testing out.
You can buy more NFT-medals for as low as 0.99 euro / medal

Sign up
for trial
Simply upload spreadsheet and we’ll issue and send medals to your recipients

Issue medals
How it works

For event organizers
For participants
Medals are securely stored on a blockchain eternally, are verifiable and never lost


Contemporary, a good newsbreak that raises the status of the event

Customizable medal for each participant, including information about the event and the athlete's performance

Unique designs

All major European languages

It’s possible to develop a tiered system of digital medals, such as finishing a certain number of races.
This could provide an added incentive for participants to push themselves and achieve their goals.

Zero problems with logistics and shipping delays for virtual events

Much cheaper than metal medals

Participants can share medals on social media – great promotion for the event!

Contemporary and prestigious recognition of a runner's hard work and dedication

Medals are securely stored forever and never lost due to blockchain technology

Access to all medals at any time in your account on the platform and in your digital wallet

Medals can be displayed on various social media platforms, you can share them with friends, family, and other runners

All medals are personalized

Digital medals are eco-friendly, do not harm the environment

Digital medals are a modern alternative to usual metal medals.
Digital medals are always personalized, can be published, collected, shared on social media, tracked, and never lost. All this makes it possible to use digital medals as an excellent tool for promoting the event. Also, digital medals are ESG-friendly and do not harm the environment.
In addition, digital medals are much cheaper and do not require logistics costs.

You can give out digital medals instead of or in addition to metal medals. It is very simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

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